Plastic materials surrounding us are necessary and precious material. They improve our life by making it easier, more convenient, just better. Goods which not so long ago have been considered as luxury are nowadays available for everybody thanks to plastic materials and ease of making products out of them. 

Unfortunately plastics which can be repeatedly used are wasted to a high extent. 

We are changing this by making new beautiful and useful products out of scraps. 

Goods made out of our sheets can be used for years and afterwards recycled by us to new sheets and new goods.

About us-plyty jesienia

About us

We are a team of people who care about the environment. 

We want to make the world better with the use of plastic materials – precious goods which are wasted to a high extent. 

We are doing it by making our products out of 100% recycled post consumer and post industrial plastics.

Standard products

Sheet dimensions 2m x 1m thickness 10mm and 18mm.

Available color variants:

-black rock

-white stone


-translucent glitter


Our sheets are made with small series production methods which require a lot of manual work and are made out of recycled plastics thus small differences in sheet finish and color may occur.

Bespoke sheets

We can produce bespoke sheets in any colour as long as scraps in specific colour are available. We can also use customer scrap plastic material. 

Our technology allows us to process most of the available thermoplastic materials. Possibilities are almost unlimited.


Tables, countertops


Wardrobe, cupboard, shelves, front panels

Wall decoration

Goods produced with CNC cutting method

IMG-20210525-WA0022 (1)


Standard sheets TDS

TDS for PS/HIPS and high heat copolyester sheets.




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